IFS Portugal and CSL are Partners

Official IFS trainings in Portugal started in January 2018. Before that, only unofficial studies of the model were ocurring as part of psychotherapist's training in complex trauma.
2018 was the kickoff of a series of official trainings that we hope can continue and deepen in the coming years, once we find the model a very advanced tool to help not only people with complex trauma, but also to help psychotherapists to know themselves and develop personnaly.

IFS is a paradigm change in the field, once no other model took the multilpicity of the mind in such a serious way. And we are happy and feeling privileged for being able to bring the module to portuguese psychotherapists, and theirs clients. And the public, once IFS is such a wonderful tool for relating to ones and others minds, with, in our opinion, a huge potential to change and improve relations in every context.


Head Office

Rua Ramalho Ortigão Nº39 -1º Esq
1070-228 Lisboa, Portugal
Local Map


IFS Trainees

Participants L1_2018 | 1st Ed

Registered for this first edition in Jan-April-Nov 2018

Ana Catarina Cunha 
Ana Tapia 
Ana Rosa 
Ana Freire 
Andreia Pacheco 
Carolina Abreu 
Carolina Faria 
Carla Costa 
Cristina S. Ferreira 
Edite Saraiva 
Filipa Rouxinol 
Isabel Ferreira 
Luisa R Martins 
Margarida Marques 
Margarida Serra 
Mónica de Sá 
Paulo Guerra 
Pedro Rocha 
Pedro Viegas 
Reinaldo Diniz 
Rita Torres
Sara Costa 
Sara Oliveira 
Sandra Guerreiro 
Susana Franco 
Sofia Tavares 
Teresa Alfama 
Vera Barroso 
Verónica Afonso

Participants L1 2019 | 2nd Ed

Anna Gartshore - Canada
Ana Ganho - Coimbra
Aline Oliveira - Brasil
Benjamin Seaman - USA
Catarina Pires - Açores
Danielle Silva - Brasil
David Grant Smith - USA
Débora Coutinho - Porto
Eryn Phelps -  USA
Francisca Pimentel - Porto

Filipa Jardim  - Lisbon
Isabel Eusébio - Sesimbra
Isabel Salvado - Lisbon
Hildur Magnusdottir - Iceland
Joana Antão - Aveiro
Joana Miranda - Lisbon
Joana Fonseca - Lisbon
Jorge Fontinha - Lisbon
Jordana Cardoso - Lisbon
Kelsey Thomas - USA 

Laura Lively - USA
Lea Vogel - Germany
Laurentiu Costrut - Romenia
Luke Bache - Sweden
Margaret Migliorati - USA
Marta Alves - Braga
Mary Sawicky - USA
Melissa Noordvliet - Amsterdam
Polina Ivanova - Bulgaria
Sandra Maria Silva - Lisbon

Teresa Alfama - Lisbon 
Vasco Gaspar - Lisbon
Wendy Appel - USA

Participants L2 _2019 | 1rst Ed

Ana Freire - Porto
Ana Catarina Cunha - Lisbon
Ana Tapia - Lisbon
Andreia Pacheco - Faro
Carla Gomes da Costa - Lisbon
Carolyne Stone - UK
Carolina Pinto - Funchal
Carolina Faria - Lisboa
Ephrem Bogues - IRL
Fiodhna Callanan - IRL

Gillian Clissold -USA
Isabel Ferreira - Lisboa
Jordana Cardoso - Lisbon
Luisa Martins - Porto
Louise O'Mahony - IRL
Margarida Marques - Lisbon 
Maria Moskova - RU
Marina Travkova - RU
Michelle Kerins - USA
Olga Mladova - RU

Pauline Withers-Born - UK
Pedro Viegas - Faro 
Pedro Rocha - Lisbon 
Reinaldo Diniz - Portimão
Sara Costa - Porto
Sara Oliveira  - Coimbra
Sandra Guerreiro - Porto
Sally Burke - UK
Sofia Tavares - Evora
Susana Franco - Leiria

Teresa Alfama - Lisbon
Vera Barroso - Lisbon
Wendy Bramham - UK

Participants L1_2020 | 3rd Ed


Participants L2_ 2020_ 2nd Ed


Participants L2 2021 _ 3rd Ed