Paul Neustadt

Training area:
IFS Case Discussion

Paul Neustadt, MSS, LICSW, is a senior IFS Co-Lead Trainer and AAMFT Approved Supervisor.
In his private practice he specializes in couples therapy, parent coaching, and IFS consultation.
He co-leads a monthly seminar for level 1 graduates focused on integrating the skills learned in level 1.

He has led workshops on:
-Self Led Parenting
-the Therapeutic Relationship in IFS
-Direct Access: An Essential Skill of IFS
-IFS and Climate Change
-The Power of Presence in IFS Therapy: Transforming our Reactivity to Challenging Clients and Deepening our Capacity to be Present and Attuned
-The Gifts of Our Exiles

For 17 years he was director of a community counseling and prevention program for children, adolescents, and their families.
Paul has also worked in a college counseling center and community mental health center, and taught couples and family therapy in a family therapy institute and two graduate programs.
As an IFS trainer, Paul creates a safe, accepting atmosphere, attends thoughtfully to group process, and ensures that all parts are welcome. He is known for his clear, down to earth, and open-hearted manner.  


Paul has also authored a chapter called  From Reactive to Self Led Parenting in Martha Sweezy and Ellen Ziskind “Innovations and Elaborations in IFS -  2017