Michael Elkin

Training area:
IFS ad Anxiety, Depression and Shame

Michael Elkin is founder and director of the Center for Collaborative Solutions in Newton and Salem MA. He has been practicing therapy for over thirty years, and has presented training workshops throughout the US and in many other countries. He has developed innovative ways of understanding and treating addictive and compulsive behavior, and is currently most interested in the building and maintenance of successful relationships. His is the author of Families Under the Influence, and several articles.

I focus my work on the relationships of my clients, and help them heal the parts of them that generate problems in these relationships. I also work with the parts of clients that interfere with their peace by triggering phobias, migraines, auto immune reactions, addictions, rage, anxiety, and other discomforts.
I also train and consult to people who are interested in becoming more skillful at accomplishing the above
Specialties: High conflict couples, phobia, somatic issues, aftermath of trauma, addiction, eating disorders, cynicism