Tisha Shull

USA | Vermont
Training area:
IFS Practitioner

Tisha (Teeshie) Shull is an IFS counselor in private practice in Burlington, Vermont. She was introduced to the Internal Family Systems Model in her clinical internship and has been working with people and their 'parts' ever since. She incorporates her training in Hatha Yoga and Cranial Sacral Therapy into work with IFS. In recent years she has been a Program Assistant in three countries - working with many brilliant IFS Lead Trainers. She loves the self-energy present in these trainings in the form of deep connection, learning and healing. She is also certified in EMDR and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Outside of the therapy world, Teeshie is a mom and is involved in a few creative pursuits including; painting, snowboarding, acrobatic yoga and she is a DJ on a non-profit radio station.