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About webinars

IFS Talks is an audio series to deepen connections with the Internal Family Systems Model through conversations with lead trainers, authors, practitioners and users. 
In these audio interviews, we will have the opportunity to draw out aspects of  IFS Lead Trainers and skilled presenters to create a user-friendly format for listeners to get to know each trainer or practitioner, their background, in and before IFS. With candid, self-led dialogue, trainers and practitioners can share their specific interests with listeners interested in deepening their inner knowledge and IFS practice.
The conversations will take from 25 up to 50 minutes. Facilitated by Anibal Henriques and Tisha Shull, other hosts can eventualy gather this project later on if and when needed. We will make our best to hold the space each interviewee needs to feel free to speak or share whatever he/ she needs to adress. We would like it to be mostly  an open and spontaneous conversation,  offering space to ourselves, our personal stories, experiences or expertises. We hope you enjoy and benefit from those conversations.

IFS approaches to specific groups

If you have done some specific work applying IFS to specific clinica or social groups please contact us it might be of our interest to hear you.
Please contact us to the email adress

If you want to suggest an IFS talk

If you want to suggest a conversation with someone in the IFS world that you think would be of interest to this community please contact us to the email adress